Africa is full of challenges:

Youth Unemployment
63% of all unemployed people are youth (aged 15-34). 59% of our youth are unemployed. 33% of graduates are unemployed.
Support for small business
90% of small businesses are self-funded - only 1% get funding from banks. Goverment set aside R500bn for COVID-19 relief, but 68% of applicants were rejected. 75% of all businesses will not survive past July 2020.
Financial Literacy
Earners over R20k/month face debt levels of 133% of annual income. More than 50% of people with assets are undergoing debt counselling.
Fraud and Investment Scams
1 in 4 consumers have been exposed to some form of COVID-19 fraud. 20% of those exposed were victims of fraud.

We're building the solution.

 is a technology company solving urgent economic problems through a connective platform disrupting traditional methods of career development, financial education, and access to capital.

Prodigy: Giving rising stars an edge
Interview prep, corporate education, technical + soft skills.
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Hustler: Built for entrepreneurs
Improve the odds of success, virtual incubator, access to capital, mentors.
Alchemist: The personal finance magician
Personal finance advisors, wealth & estate planning, investment guidance .

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