Entrepreneurship is one long pep talk

Why? Because in your first few years of business, your day to day work will basically be courageously taking calculated risks and then deciphering what went wrong or right and why. Insights that you can tackle the next day with as much courage as the day before.

It can be quite demoralising at times. Especially when your mistakes or “experiments” as I now like to call them, cost you money. When I first started every mistake would weigh heavily on me, until I realised that this was the only way I was going to learn. And so I needed to change my perspective on making mistakes, so that I wouldn’t beat myself up every time I made one.

Being a brand strategist, the first thing I did was re-brand these awful “mistakes” in my head to “experiments” . That way I could objectively look at the decision I made and evaluate what went wrong and how I could get a different result next time around.

Instead of looking at an event negatively, I approached my “experiment” with curiosity and started asking questions. Questions like:

  • If I had taken this action instead, would I still have had the same result?
  • If I try this next time around, what would change?
  • How can I do things differently next time?

Approaching my learning curve from a place of curiosity rather than harshly judging myself helped me to bounce back from my mistakes much faster. Because here’s the thing, life happens and most of the time it’s not at all in our control. The only thing that is in our control is how we respond. And that’s why what you say to yourself is critical.

When I started working on LESEDI, I had never designed or made an item of clothing. I had a vision of what I wanted to create, but getting to our launch collection, took many “experiments” until we were able to bring it to life. I know that as the business grows, I’ll try new things and not everything will work out exactly how I imagine.. and when that happens, I’ll give myself a pep talk, ask some questions and try and do better next time.

Harsha is the founder of Lesedistyle

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