The “Self-Made”

“Self made” has different meanings to different people:

  • Jeff Bezos’ parents ploughed $245k into his e-commerce startup
  • Donald Trump received “a small loan” of $1m from his father
  • Bill Gates’ parents funded his founding company
  • Kylie Jenner had an already famous family

People would have you believe success is down entirely to hard work, passion & attitude… but that’s a small part.

The bigger part?

  • Access to capital
  • Influential relationships
  • Rare opportunities
  • Having a financial fall-back
  • A supportive network
  • Getting lucky

Motivational speakers will tell preach ANYONE can be successful. You can also roll a 6 on a dice 2 million times in a row. It’s possible… but not probable.

Life is a lottery. 

Your gender, race, parents, country of birth, era you’re born in, industry you pick… all play a role.

One way to win the lottery, is to buy more tickets. Still, you need a bit of luck.

These tickets come in the form of developing a set of skills, cultivating relationships, growing a network of influence, staying resilient, securing financial capital, being innovative & creative

If you win the success lottery through hustling & grinding, pay it forward! It’s tragic to die without sharing your experiences & insights. If you can help someone avoid the mistakes you made & help them progress quicker, do it!

There’s always enough space at the top.

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4 months ago

Nice one, Bru. 🔥

General Nohesi
4 months ago

Your expert knowledge you sharing with us is really appreciated Koshiek🙏🙏👏👏👏

Unathi Gxarisa
4 months ago

Hustle Culture is in essence an half untruth.

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