Pros/ Cons of being a junior investment banker

Pros (+) Cons (-) 
Really attractive starting salaryYou will spend most of it in a few days
Could end up scoring a juicy bonusWill be used to pay off your credit card 
Incredible work experience, strong CV boostPasting logos on Powerpoint is still experience, right?
Office dinners include lamb chops & lobsterYou will probably also place the team’s orders 
Really nice champagne at nightclubs Get used to Red Bull & espressos instead 
Get to wear tailored suits/ designer dressesDressing up to sit at your PC for 12hrs+ a day
Get to be on huge deal conference calls Taking notes for 4hrs is harder than it sounds 
You meet really smart, driven peopleYou meet very pedantic, highly strung  people 
Learn exactly what makes markets tickSome things just never make any sense 
Get involved in complex transactionsMost people think you help arrange home loans 
Dating prospects may actually increase You will spend date nights replying to emails 
Fly business class, live in 5* hotelsYou will work on the plane & end up eating 3AM room service 
Little time for your friends Only applies if you have friends 
Great environment, plenty of jokesFinance jokes are pretty dry 
It’s exactly like Wolf of Wall StreetHaha – joke, it’s really nothing like that  
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4 months ago

Koshiek you inspire me bro!

Mi Ad
3 months ago

Loving this read lol

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