Is a CFA compulsory for investment banking?


If you never studied finance/ anything commerce related, it’s a great start. To be fair, a finance degree won’t help you much in investment banking either.

Most of the finance frameworks you cover in university isn’t covered deeply enough & doesn’t hold up well, real world. If you have 1,000 hours to spare you could be better off…

1. Hustling an internship

2. Taking up specific short courses (financial modelling, valuation techniques, M&A accounting, advanced Excel, etc)

3. Networking & building relationships with actual investment bankers

Think of every academic qualification you earn as a ticket into a marathon raffle. The more tickets you have, the more likely you’re getting chosen to run the marathon.

BUT if you spend too much time collecting tickets, you could end up far behind someone already in the race.

Here’s the really ugly truth:

Academic qualifications aren’t the only entry you have into the marathon raffle. Entries include knowing someone, having a strong reference, an extra curricular activity & even getting lucky!

Corporate careers depend on far more than a strong GPA.

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Sbu Sthole
Sbu Sthole
4 months ago

“knowing someone, having a strong reference, an extra curricular activity & even getting lucky!” – so true

Lesego mokgosi
Lesego mokgosi
4 months ago

Great insight!

4 months ago

Number 3 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

4 months ago

This is good to hear. Everyone has been talking about CFA being a must have.

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