Interview tips in 60 seconds

Ask for feedback 

Definitely worth asking firms for feedback if you’re rejected for a role. “We regret to inform you…” isn’t as constructive as “we needed a bit more experience, let’s chat in XX months” or “here are technical skills worth looking into…”

Leverage the “failure”

“Do you have questions for us…?” Most people ask the same fucking dry generic questions. “How many people in the team?”It’s your chance to “interview” them. Ask thought provoking questions. “Will there still be this role in 5yrs?”. “What are the types of disruption you see?”

Pro tip: Practise interviewing.

Non-verbal cues often give away more about ourselves than our actual words. Record yourself, watch your body language and listen to your voice. It’s uncomfortable at first. Eliminate crutch words… “uhm”

If you need to think, say “I’m going to take a minute and think through this”. Then talk them through your thinking in detail. Nobody actually cares about the answer as much as your thought process.

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4 months ago

As I walked out of my last interview I regretted why I didn’t think of recording myself. I haven’t attended an interview in a ver long time and surprisingly I enjoyed this one. Mist likely because they invited me the day before and they said it’s just a discussion they’d like to have with me as j had applied for another position in the company. I know for sure there are a lot of areas to improve on; thus the “record yourself” is a brilliant idea.

Thapelo @nguThapelo
Thapelo @nguThapelo
4 months ago

This is helpful. Thank you

3 months ago

This is so helpful. Thank you for this

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